Double Process Shape carving

First we remove the rubber where we need to shape carve. This will expose the mylar on the stencil that has to be cut out. With the mylar removed we can move on to shaping.

Lots of leaves on this job!

Next we use steel shot to carve dips and rolls to get the effect we are going for.

I use steel shot for two reasons. One it last Forever. Two it has more control in my opinion then very fine sand. The roundness of the shot allows the steel to wear away the granite where as the more angular pieces tend to cut.

Here we have started the process but have not finished.

At this point all leaves and flowers have been rolled. If we need to, we did on this one, we round the centers to a dome on the flowers.

Next we pull off the areas that need the polish removed. We leave some pieces behind to act as guides when putting the rubber back together.

The stones polish has been removed and hit with steel shot to give it the most contrast we can give it. The picture is of a view across the stone with filler drying. You can also see the depth that I shaped everything.

The last and most tedious step. We have to put all that we took out back in. After the rubber is reassembled , we manually go through and cut all the vein lines in ALL the leaves and flowers. Now it is ready to be sandblasted.

Completed stone in the cemetery.

Note this job has ZERO paint in it. I used a technique known as bluing to produce the contrast.

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